About Xiith

What is Xiith?

Xiith is the Platform for Programmers and Web Developers. It is the Web Developers site, it provides Tutorials and References for Computer Programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, Java, and NodeJs, covering most of the Programming Languages. We have also an online Compiler on Xiith which provides you different programming languages to code.

Xiith was originally created in 2017 by a small developers team, this team is focus on software-development and web-development, and we also create Desktop applications and Web- applications.

Xiith Provides Easy Learning

Xiith has simplicity in it.

Xiith provides convenient, easy and future proofs Facility.

Xiith use easy explanations of code with basic fundamental descriptions to use it.

Xiith Tutorials have basic fundamental level up to professional references.

Xiith is Permitted For Everything

Xiith is free with no restrictions. You can visit and use anything on Xiith with no cost. You can also stay connected with our website and get notified about our new updates by your e-mail. We have also a comment section area, you can share your views, ask questions and many more.

You Can Assist Us

Our team are working very hard to make Xiith fascinating, handy and accurate.

If anyone of you find any error, delusion and something wrong or any broken link, please inform us about it immediately.

Plz, mail to us at -“00iandyou00@gmail.com”.